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Wine & Football: Get Ready for the Superbowl Game

Wine & Football: Get Ready for the Superbowl Game

The Guilty Grape Guide to Wine and Football Eats

Most people might think of beer when they think of football but hear us out…don’t leave the wine behind if you’re headed to a football watch party! Here are six easy pairings for wine and game day eats:

Guacamole + White Wine 

Ah, guac. We’re hungry already. Guacamole pairs very well with white wines, so choose something you like. Anything works, from sparkling wine to pinot grigio, to chardonnay!

Hamburgers + Red Wine

Red meat pairs very well with red wines. The simpler you make your burger, the bolder in the wine you can go; a nice Cabernet sauvignon should do. The more things you have on your burger, the more you may want to consider a more flexible red…like a pinot noir.

Spicy Wings + Sparkling Wine

One really neat thing about wine is that it can literally change how you experience the taste of your food. Sparkling wine is a great way to cleanse your palate and cut the spiciness of any food. So, feel free to offer up a bottle of champagne next to those spicy buffalo wings.

Pulled Pork + A Light to Medium Red

A classic! The boldness and flavors in pulled pork need something that will not compete with them. Choose a light to medium red that you like. A pinot noir, zinfandel, tempranillo, or even a merlot would work well.

Ribs + A Medium Red

Similar to pork, you want the wine you chose to enhance the ribs, not overpower them. Choose a medium red wine like a pinot noir, zinfandel, or go slightly bolder with a malbec. If you make your ribs spicy you could even pair a sparkling wine (similar to what we did with wings above!)

Pizza + An Italian Red or White Wine

Pizza on the menu? Depending on the toppings, you can pair bolder toppings (like sausage and peppers) with an Italian red wine like Sangiovese, Barbera, or Chianti. If your toppings are lighter (cheese only, or ham) you can choose a white wine to complement those flavors.

Girl, you’re set for game day. At our house, if you bring good food, and good wine, you’ve already scored a touchdown in our opinion. Cheers!


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