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[LISTEN] Our New Podcast Needs The Guilty Grape Family

[LISTEN] Our New Podcast Needs The Guilty Grape Family



We're Uncorked!

Hello, Guilty Grape family! Announcing the release of our new podcast Melanated Grapes, hosted by us Nichelle and Nicole Nichols, the owners of your favorite wine company! Click the links to listen now or tune in wherever you get your favorite podcasts. The twins are always up to some kind of shenanigans while sharing an unfiltered view of all things wine and spirits – cutting up with The Guilty Grape family of influencers, industry insiders, and other friends who’ve probably had way too much to drink.

Listen as they candidly open up about their own lives and entertain you with educational segments like Sip & Serve and Guilt Trip, where they review wines, make cocktails, and celebrate other kick-ass people in the industry. Cheers!

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