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Wine has been a cultural centerpiece for centuries.

Yet, for some reason, it has started to lose its seat at the table. Nearly two-thirds of wine brands don't focus their marketing on people of color. The Guilty Grape is changing that.

We are founded by two grapes of the same vine, Nichelle and Nicole Nichols.

Two bubbly twins who launched the Dallas-based company in 2020. They poured everything they have into their business to achieve one mission: to bring inclusivity, culture, and luxury back into every bottle.

The Guilty Grape is here to serve the "New American Wine Drinker," people of color and millennials who don't fit into the category of older, stereotypical wine consumers. It's a group that has been ignored for far too long. We know that because, as a female-led, black-owned business, we are that. Indulging in wine is so much more than starting at the cork and ending at the bottom of a bottle. It's a lifestyle.

It's not just for a fancy dinner. It's a girl's night at home. It's a picnic overlooking the Chicago skyline (our hometown). It's a celebration with a night out.

The Nichols twins share a vision to bring wine into underserved communities at an affordable price and let everyone finally share in this amazing world of wine we love.

Historically, wine has been an exclusive business. Black representation in the industry is less than 1%, but that didn't stop Nichelle and Nicole from shattering the glass ceiling. They became certified sommeliers, a fancy word for a trained wine professional. Only about 31% of sommeliers are women, and only 11% are Black. The twins fight every day to go against the grain and earn our spot in the wine world and have no plans to stop.
But you don't have to be a sommelier to enjoy wine. Nichelle and Nicole want to share their vast knowledge with their customers. It's no secret that wine is a complex product, and many people don't know much about it other than they prefer reds over whites. Our team wants to create a space for our consumers to learn about wine in an easy and understandable way. 

Each bottle of The Guilty Grape now comes with a QR Code on the label that will help teach you a little something about wine. From glassware to decanters to tannins, we want you to feel confident and comfortable about wine while ordering at the dinner table.

The Guilty Grape is leading a lifestyle change.

We don't just sell a bottle of wine; we create an entire experience from the bottle to the glass and even to what you wear while drinking it. We want to share in your every reason to celebrate this crazy life!

It's time to bring wine back to the center of the table, and this is just the beginning. As the world continues to change, so does The Guilty Grape. Every day we are expanding our products far beyond our great-tasting wine and can't wait to bring it all to you!
Are we revolutionizing the culture of the wine world? Guilty.

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Thank you so so much for supporting us and our brand! None of this would be possible without your beautiful contributions! Sometimes guilty; Always good!

Nichelle & Nicole Nichols

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