Our Story

We're establishing a new narrative within the heart of traditional wine industries worldwide because the foundation of TGG rests upon three essential principles, inclusivity, celebration, and luxury.

 Crafting quality and indulgent wine-centered lifestyle products drives The Guilty Grape brand daily, ensuring that what you crave is delivered. So you can blame that sultry luxe lifestyle on us!




Originally from Chicago, Illinois, twin sisters Nichelle & Nicole Nichols reside in Dallas, TX. In the Summer of 2020, the Nichols' sisters decided to put their passion for retail and wine together, transforming The Guilty Grape from just Cocktail Kits into a complete Lifestyle Brand.

The twins have a mission -- working towards change by creating a space for underserved communities to thrive within the luxury wine and lifestyle industries.

To new beginnings! To not so guilty pleasures! And as always, to great wine!


Nichelle & Nicole