Our Story

We're Nichelle and Nicole Nichols and we’re the co-founders of The Guilty Grape. We've been in the industry of spirits and entertainment for the past 5 years and we saw a gap. People who looked like us weren't in the position of decision-makers: especially young black women. So we decided to change that. Working 9:00 to wine, we left our day jobs to start something new. But The Guilty Grape isn't just a company that sells wine.

We build pathways for minorities and women through our hiring and team building.

We build legacies by breaking ground alongside the other black wine owners in a space where we worked, but never profited from.



Enough about us and some more about our wine

We believe that the experience that comes along with our bottles is just as important as the wine itself.  We source our wine via some of the best micro-vineyards in California, to guarantee every vine gets the same special attention we give our customers.

We look forward to you enjoying and sharing our wine, through celebrating the little moments when we all need it most.

To new beginnings! To not so guilty pleasures! And as always, to great wine!


Nichelle & Nicole